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About Us


The Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA), acknowledged as the ‘voice of the pulp and paper industry’, promotes the use of paper as a renewable and recyclable material for communication, packaging and a myriad of other applications. Some of its members rank among the top 20 pulp producers in the world, making the South African pulp and paper manufacturing sector robust, well regulated and highly developed.

Representing more than 90% of paper, packaging and tissue manufacturers in South Africa, PAMSA has been actively advancing the ‘story of paper’ since its foundation in 1992. Even though some of our industry members have global footprints, their origins are firmly rooted in this country, as forest and land owners, and pulp and paper producers.

With our member companies continually striving to improve the way they do business, PAMSA supports their efforts by bringing them together on pre-competitive issues of mutual concern. These include education and training, energy production and use, water and waste, and research and development.

As a platform for engagement on common views and industry challenges, PAMSA has the active member participation at an executive and operational level as well as on its education and environmental committees.

Sustainability, growth and competitiveness cannot be mutually exclusive. Striking that crucial balance between people, planet and profit is an ongoing challenge, especially in the face of the global economic turbulence. As an industry we focus on conscientious environmental stewardship, resource efficiency and innovation.

Paper recycling is about making a difference – to our environment, to our economy and how we treat our waste. Is it waste if it has a value?

RecyclePaperZA became the new name of the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA) in October 2018. The 15-year-old paper recycling arm of the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) was formed in 2003 to represent companies that process recovered paper and make new paper products. It also represents some manufacturers of liquid board packaging in the form of milk and juice cartons, paper cups and bowls.

The name change was initiated in 2018 to move away from PRASA, an abbreviation that was often confused with the state-owned entity. The new name was selected as it reflects a call to action.

Backed by the pay-off line “Paper recycled. Paper Renewed”, the paper recycling association promotes the recovery and recycling of paper fibre as a vital link in the renewability chain. Paper is a renewable product made from farmed trees. Large numbers of trees planted by the industry absorb carbon dioxide necessary for growth and store this as carbon while they are growing. Recycling ensures that this carbon remains out of the atmosphere for longer, while also providing an alternative fibre for paper manufacturers.

Recovered paper, paper packaging and liquid board packaging is diverted from landfill, pulped and re-used in corrugated boxes and cartonboard, newspapers and moulded products like egg boxes. To a smaller extent, paper is also recycled into tissue and paper towel products. Through our various programmes, we advocate improved paper recycling and efficient separation at source at businesses, homes and schools.