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Schools Awareness Programme

Recycling is as easy as 1-2-3-4 however, in a country where recycling was not an everyday activity, RecyclePaperZA determined to change behaviour from as early an age as possible. RecyclePaperZA offers an exciting school programme which sees our team of presenters visiting a school during assembly to enlighten both learners and teachers about looking after our environment, recycling our waste and not littering. The presentations are interactive and fun, and our team teaches the youngsters a number of songs to help them remember the messages. We also supply schools with posters and other resources to help reinforce the message. (Visits to the schools are currently on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions and school protocols).

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eClassroom Partnership

In 2012, the Department of Education incorporated RecyclePaperZA-developed content in the maths curriculum from the foundation phase (Grades R to 3) through to the intermediate phase (Grades 4 to 7).

In partnership with e-Classroom, a digital education platform, RecyclePaperZA offers this content free of charge.

Through mathematics and the concept of data handling, the content helps teachers make learners understand how they can reduce the amount of recoverable paper that goes to the landfill site – by recycling of course! This is done by promoting the 4-Rs: reduce, re-use, recycle and recover.

This material is available here.

About e-Classroom

E-Classroom provides a wide range of educational resources and skills training for teachers and parents. All resources are written by subject specialists at the top of their chosen field. Its business ethos focuses on providing affordable resources to all schools, parents and learners from Grade R to post matric through the following channels:

  1. The worksheet support platform: Lightens the load for teachers and parents by providing worksheet and lesson plan support. Content is developed for each Grade and learning area. We are always hard at work developing new modules or adding to existing material. This offering is developed for Grades R-12 for a
  2. Minimum registration fee.
  3. Knowledge-based assessment and exam papers: Assists learners during exam time. These practice papers are an invaluable revision and study resource and we will continue to grow this platform with additional subjects.