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About Our Sector

Established in 1992, the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) is the industry association that represents more than 90% of paper, packaging and tissue manufacturers in South Africa. Originally founded to serve the industry’s education and training needs, its action areas today span education and training, environmental stewardship, research and development and advocacy.

PAMSA supports its members by representing them in mutual and pre-competitive issues with government and other stakeholders. From climate change to carbon tax, water to waste and energy to innovation, the association promotes the sector’s contribution to the economy and society.

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PAMSA promotes paper and its renewability, recyclability and versatility.

RecyclePaperZA, formerly the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA), is PAMSA’s recycling arm. Formed in 2003, RecyclePaperZA represents companies that process recovered paper and use its fibre to make new paper products. RecyclePaperZA raises awareness about paper recycling through school visitations and by participating in various events. Through its various programmes and partnerships, RecyclePaperZA works to improve paper recycling and efficient separation at source at businesses, homes and schools.

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The sale of recyclable materials provides economic opportunity for waste collectors and creates jobs in small and medium-sized enterprises, thus helping to alleviate poverty. It was for this reason that RecyclePaperZA’s flagship initiative – the entrepreneurship training programme – was founded in 2010. Read more about the programme here.